Petit Point: A Candid Portrait on the Aberrations of Science is a charming book written by the French physicist Pierre-Gilles de Gennes containing short essays on some of the prominent scientists that he encountered in his career. For obvious reasons, their names have been replaced with pseudonyms.

I list the chapter names from the book: Mastoc, Vera, Lanterne, Leduc, Emmy, Breton, Smirnoff, Pluvieux, Beziers, Kuba, Vladimir, Aglae, Subtil, Chazot, Anchor, Croesus, Caesar, Guru, Dourakine, Saplir, Manfred, Robert, Polymorph, Revizor, Feston, Philostrate, Elise, Spiros, Akbar

The scientists I could identify: Caesar - Benoit Mandelbrot, Manfred - Brian Josephson, Subtil - Bernd Matthias, Chazot - Per Bak. Could someone identify the remaining names listed ? Thanks


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