Sylvester James Gates was one of the co-discoverers of Adrinkas. These are graphical representations of susy (supersymmetry) algebras.

They are named after a West African people - the Akan of Ghana and the Gyamen of the Côte d'Ivoire. They are visual symbols called by the same name and represent concepts or aphorisms, which in itself sounds like a fascinating idea.

This suggested to me that perhaps Gayes had some direct link to the Akan or Gyamen. However, I couldn't find any information on this.

Q. Why did Sylvester James Gates choose this name for these graphs?

Obviously to celebrate his African heritage. But why this as opposed to many other things he could have chosen?

  • $\begingroup$ Gates, in a 2012 article - Symbols of Power: Adinkras and the Nature of Reality states that Adinkra are "symbols that represent wise sayings in West African culture", though he does not state exactly why he chose this name. $\endgroup$ – Nick Sep 2 '20 at 23:43

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