According to the Wikipedia article on Évariste Galois

He submitted his memoir on equation theory several times, but it was never published in his lifetime due to various events. Though his first attempt was refused by Cauchy, in February 1830 following Cauchy's suggestion he submitted it to the Academy's secretary Joseph Fourier, to be considered for the Grand Prix of the Academy. Unfortunately, Fourier died soon after, and the memoir was lost.

Abel's memoir was lost in a similar circumstance by Cauchy and Legendre some years prior to this incident and was only recovered partially, until 2002 when the last few missing pages were also found.

Question: Similar to this, has Galois' lost memoir ever been found?


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There have been several versions of the memoir. The last version was sent by Galois to his friend Auguste Chevallier. just before the duel and was published by Camille Jordan. For details see the book.


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