Ludwig Flamm $[1]$, Albert Einstein-Natan Rosen $[2]$, Hermann Weyl $[3]$, John Wheeler-Fuller $[4,5]$, Homer G. Ellis $[6]$, K. Bronnikov $[7]$, Michael Morris-Kip Thorne$[8]$, M. Visser $[9]$, Edward Teo $[10]$, S. Kim-H.Lee $[11]$, Francisco Lobo $[12]$ and so on... are some names behind the history of wormhole physics. In particular, since the Ellis Drainhole and Morris-Thorne solutions, the physics of traversable wormholes have been quite active.

But, I would like to know:

Where are the (seminal or not) papers written by women, on traversable wormhole physics? Could you give me some references?

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$[12]$ J. P. S. Lemos, F. S. N. Lobo and S. Q. Oliveira, Morris-Thorne wormholes with a cosmological constant, arXiv:gr-qc/0302049v2. $2003$



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