Back in 1968, James M. Bardeen (son of John Bardeen) gave a talk at the GR5 (5th international conference on gravitation and the theory of relativity), in which he presented a slight modification of the Schwarzschild metric, probably the first example of a regular spacetime metric.

This work is quite often cited and some basic, technical info can be traced all over the internet, e.g.

J.M. Bardeen: Non-singular general-relativistic gravitational collapse, Proceedings of the International Conference GR5, Tbilisi, U.S.S.R. (1968), p. 174




Unfortunately, according to the official conference page,


no official proceedings were printed.

Is there any unofficial, handwritten or printed, trace of the Bardeen's talk?

Update (April 12th, 2022): I have sent a mail to Prof. Bardeen one week ago, asking for any information about this talk/paper, but unfortunately I haven't got any reply so far.

Update (April 22nd, 2022): I still haven't received any reply from Prof. Bardeen, but I've finally managed to locate physical copies of the GR5 Proceedings: one in The Library of Congress,


and another one at the University of Vienna,




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