There is conflicting opinion as to who was Hardy's Tripos coach. The Wikipedia page on Hardy claims it was R. A. Herman, a claim that appears to be backed up by Leonard Roth in his article "Old Tripos days" that appeared in the Monthly in 1971 (78, pp. 223-236). However, Titchmarsh claims that he was first coached by R. R. Webb, and later by A. E. H. Love (Obituary in the first volume of Hardy's Collected Papers). As Titchmarsh was one of Hardy's students, I would take his word as final. Do I have this right? Does anyone have knowledge of who the real coach was?

  • $\begingroup$ The MacTutor history of mathematics page also lists R. R. Webb as Hardy's initial coach. This page seems to follow Titchmarsh's obit and the preface to the Apology by C. P. Snow. $\endgroup$ Jun 4, 2022 at 18:38
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    $\begingroup$ Kanigel's The Man who Knew Infinity says it was Webb and later Love. There are no footnotes but Titchmarsh's obituary is listed in the bibliography $\endgroup$
    – Spencer
    Jun 4, 2022 at 21:09
  • $\begingroup$ @Spencer - Thanks for the info. Someday, I need to get a copy of that book. In his Apology preface Snow says that "He was sent to a famous coach, to whom most potential Senior Wranglers went." Judging from what I have read, at the time Hardy took the Tripos that would have been Webb. Thanks again. Stay safe and healthy. $\endgroup$ Jun 5, 2022 at 0:28


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