My question about median of a triangle.

The English equivalent of the Turkish word "kenarortay" is "median". In English-language geometry sources (like books or web pages), the length of the median is often denoted with expressions like $m_a$. On the other hand, the notation $V_a$ is also common in Turkish textbooks. We don't use $K_a$. This might be due to Turkish mathematicians learning geometry from other mathematicians who speak languages other than English. For instance, we know that German scientists came to Turkey in the $1930$s. However, I'm not sure if this notation was used by the Germans. Do you have any information about the origin of the $V_a$ notation?

Of course, mathematical notations can develop independently in local education systems or at a particular university or school. Do you know of any other countries that use the $V_a$ notation?

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Some examples

1. In wikipedia Median (geometry) page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Median_(geometry) we see that $m_a$ notation like $m_a = \sqrt{\dfrac{2b^2 + 2c^2 - a^2}{4}}$.

2. In Mark Dabbs' Elementary Triangle Geometry book, we can see $m_A,m_B,m_C$ notations enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ The origin of the use of $V$ does not seem to be German, because the median is called Seitenhalbierende ("that which cuts the side in half"), so the length of medians is commonly denoted by $s_{a}$, $s_{b}$, $\ldots$. An older German term for the median is Schwerelinie ("gravity line", compare: centroid = center of gravity = Schwerpunkt; its length likewise denoted by $s_{a}$, etc.), which is cognate with the Dutch term for median, zwaartelijn, whose length is usually denoted by $z_{a}$, $z_{b}$, $\ldots$. $\endgroup$
    – njuffa
    Aug 11 at 23:30


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