I intend to review the different concepts related to laws of motion floating around the publication of Principia and hopefully would like to comment on these (It's an essay project).

I've gathered couple of books for this purpose, mostly the usual suspects(Galileo's Two New Sciences, Newton's Principia, Mach's Science of Mechanics, Dugas's History of Mechanics, Chandrashekhar's Newton's Principia for Common Readers, Maxwell's Matter and Motion, and a host of common classical mechanics books like Landau, Marion, Summerfield, Taylor, etc. which usually comment on the logical structure of these three laws plus gravitation).

But it would have been really nice to find some articles which directly discuss Newton's laws from philosophical and historical point of views. Searching in Google Scholar got me a paper which discusses Newton's laws with Kant's.

So I really need some references for my project.



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