Recently, I heard that the great Grothendieck have passed away(RIP). But until last year I've been aware that he is lost from the world. So how could they figure out his death?

My resources on this brilliant man are too small. Any resource would be appreciated!

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    $\begingroup$ @Danu perhaps to just assert that it can be found easily using Google would have sufficed; or mentioning specifically that the information is on Wikipedia. Personally I have some sympathy for the question as there was a lot of exaggerated reports regarding "lost" over the years. $\endgroup$ – quid Nov 27 '14 at 20:15
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    $\begingroup$ @quid note that, in particular, I was not suggesting OP is not able to use google. I was merely asserting that it was very clear that OP has not put much effort into trying to find an answer him/herself. $\endgroup$ – Danu Nov 27 '14 at 20:23

He was not "lost" in the first place; it is just that he lived a very private life after his retirement. The general public did not know where he was exactly but it was not at all that he was a missing person or something along these lines.

He died in a hospital, more precisely at l’hôpital de Saint-Girons (Ariège), in the south of France, near the French-Spanish boarder. This is also the general region that was named all the time for his location. Thus, the answer to the question where he was is in Ariège.

I have no information how he spent his last days, and who exactly communicated his death to the general public (and I am rather unsure this is relevant here), but the fact that he died in a hospital in a highly developed country that was moreover his home-country, shows that there is no mystery at all about his death having become known.

Source: the obituary of Grothendieck in the major French newspaper Liberation mentioned the place of his death.

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Here is an account of his life, with many details: http://www.ams.org/notices/200808/tx080800930p.pdf

He was not "lost". He lived in a village in the Pyrenees and did not communicate much with the rest of the world. But he did communicate with some people.


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