Alphones Pyramus de Candolle (1806-1893), the son of Augustin-Pyrame de Candolle (1778-1841), has been an important figure (as was his father) in the development of plant geography.

The younger Candolle's work "Géographie botanique raisonné" (1856) has been an especially important text for the history of plant geography since it combines botanical arithmetic with hypothesis driven scientific research. The scholar Janet Browne call this text "the cornerstone of mid-century ideas on the subject".[^1]

I was wondering if this text (or any of his for example his "Essai élémentaire de Géographie botanique" from 1820) has been translated in either German or English as these two languages were the other principal languages of biological distribution studies. It would also help myself, since my French is regrettably limited.

[^1]: Browne, J. 2001. History of Biogeography. eLS, p. 2

EDIT: As noted in my answer the Essai élémentaire de Géographie botanique was wrtten by Aguste de Candolle.


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Origin of cultivated plants / by Alphonse de Candolle.

Main author:Candolle, Alphonse de, 1806-1893.
Title:Origin of cultivated plants / by Alphonse de Candolle.
Other Entries:Darwin, Francis, Sir, 1848-1925, former owner.
University of Cambridge. Department of Plant Sciences, former owner.
Published:London : Kegan Paul, Trench & co, 1884.
Description:viii p., 1 l., 468 p ; 20 cm.
Series statement:International scientific series ; vol. xlix
Notes:Original French edition, 1883; first American edition, 1885.

[From the Cambridge University Library catalogue]


Further research has shown, that there exists a list of de Candolle's publications from 1824 until May 1883:

Liste complète des ouvrages et opuscules publiés par M. Alph. de Candolle daus le laps des soixante années de 1824 à mai 1883.

It's available on Hathi Trust..

On top of that, and even more comprehensive, is Stafleu's Taxonomic Literature. Here's is Volume 1 and here's the supplementary Volume III on Alphonse de Candolle.

Both do not list any translation of "Géographie botanique raisonné".

P.S.: I also realized, that the "Essai élémentaire de Géographie botanique" from 1820 was actually written by Auguste de Candolle (the father) and not by Alphonse. I have edited my question as regards to this.


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