Ado's Theorem is a very reelvant result in Lie theory (every finite-dimensional Lie algebra is isomorphic to a matrix Lie algebra).

I've been, however, unable to find anything more than very basics information on who is the mathematician that proved it. Igor Ado (1910-1983), student of Chebotaryov, graduated in Kazan University in 1935. And basically that's all.

Does anyone know of some more related informations?

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    $\begingroup$ There is a one-page memorial article from 1984 at mathnet.ru/php/…. Click where you see "PDE файл". It is in Russian. $\endgroup$
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In: D.V. Anosov, M.I. Monastyrskii, M.A. Soloviev, Nas ostalos' tak malo... (So few of us remained...), Istoriko-Matematicheskie Issledovaniya 7 (2002), 166-189 (in Russian) (the periodical is available in many places, for example here), Ado is mentioned in passing. It is claimed that Chebotarev failed to create an algebraic school in Kazan' due to bureaucratic/political obstacles; Ado was unable to find a suitable employment in academia, has left pure mathematics (what is apparent from his list of publications), and has switched to numerical mathematics.


There is the one-page obituary mentioned by Keith Conrad. V. Gubarev and me have uploaded an English translation to the arXiv, see here. Furthermore I have tried to provide a more detailed English wikipedia page for Igor Dmitrievich Ado, see here. I am grateful to Yurii Neretin for providing me with information.


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