Hilbert's and Cohn-Vossen's wonderful book "Anschauliche Geometrie" ("Geometry and the Imagination") from 1932 contains a lot of great illustrations which, given the time of publication, must have been drawn by hand. I couldn't find a mention in the book about who did them. (The photos of the 3D models are mentioned, but not the drawings unless I missed it somehow.)

Does anyone know who created the drawings and how they were made at that time? Was it some unknown graphical artists or maybe Cohn-Vossen himself?

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    $\begingroup$ One of my favorite Reading when I was younger. A gift. Thanks for rekindling this memory $\endgroup$
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I agree with you that the range of demonstrations and illustrations makes it a fascinating book.

According to Hilbert's preface dated 1932 from Göttingen, in the English translation:

The line diagrams have all been drawn by K. H. Naumann and H. Bödeker (Göttingen). The photographic pictures were taken by W. Jentzsch (Göttingen), and the models he photographed belong to the collection of the Göttingen Mathematical Institute.

I couldn't find out anything else about the illustrators Naumann & Bödeker.

  • $\begingroup$ Thanks! I have to check my edition again to see if this is really not mentioned there or if I was just too stupid to see it... $\endgroup$
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The book is accesible on the internet.


The prologue, written by Hilbert, mentions the authors of the artwork:

enter image description here


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