I would like to know is there a book that is both a history of mathematics and a collection of open problems?

I know that there exist many books that cover either larger or smaller periods of the history of mathematics and also a number of books that are collections of open problems, but, a symbiotic approach I have not seen.

So, a book that I would like to read would inform us about development of mathematics at least from a period of Greek mathematics to the twentieth century, and it would be a story also about some specific problems that led to the development of open problems that are not resolved till the present day, and that book could end with Hilbert problems.

I think that development of open problems is also an important aspect of the history of mathematics, and such a book could be filled with some "high" mathematics, but not with too much of it, so that it does not diverge from the historic and informational character and it does not turn into a blending of "high" mathematics with some historical remarks and content.

So, I prefer that it does cover open problems from "higher" mathematics but written from an elementary standpoint, so that it more involves a description of open problems than their advanced formulation.

So, is there some book that closely resembles this description?

  • $\begingroup$ Why not just buy two books! Most likely you can even find free PDFs of older texts online. $\endgroup$ – Carl Witthoft May 31 at 11:45

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