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What was different about Planck's quantization of light compared to Einstein's?

In describing black body radiation Planck assumed that the energy that can be absorbed or emitted by charges is quantized, i.e., they can only absorb or emit certain quantities of energy. But it was ...
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How did Planck calculate the Planck constant?

Having started to learn about quantum behavior, this formula came up: $$E = hf $$ Where $E$ is energy, $h$ is the Planck constant and $f$ is the frequency. My physics teacher suggested an ...
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Where did Rayleigh derive the ultraviolet catastrophe?

Where can I find this paper: J.W. Strutt, Verh. d. deutsch. phys. Ges. 2, 65 (1900). It is presumably where Rayleigh derived the black-body radiation formula (the incorrect one that has ultraviolet ...
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Who was first to observe or detect photons in the double slit experiment, and how did they do that?

In the early 1800s Thomas Young introduced (a thought-?) experiment also known as the two slit experiment. He discovered the strange way photons created a interference pattern on a screen. There is ...
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How to get to Planck’s radiation law as Planck did it (warts and all)?

I would like to know how Planck went from an expression for the number of ways energy can be distributed in oscillators (denoted $W$) via the Boltzmann equation ($ S = k \ln W$) to the Planck ...
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How did they explain the radiation from hot objects at different wavelengths before the concept of atom was widely accepted?

I was reading about blackbody radiation and came across the following quote. Planck did not believe in atoms, nor did he think the second law of thermodynamics should be statistical because ...
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Planck's quantization idea

First of All, I doubt there has ever been any new idea that did not involve intuition. However, most textbooks suggest that the quantization idea was just a mathematical trick, that Planck introduced ...
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Max Planck and energy quantization idea

Did Planck have an intuition behind the idea of energy quantization of atomic oscillators and radiation, or was it just a mathematical trick to derive his distribution law?
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Who discovered quanta first, Planck or Einstein? [duplicate]

Planck's 1918 Nobel Prize was awarded in recognition of the services he rendered to the advancement of Physics by his discovery of energy quanta in 1900. However, why do I sometimes see Einstein ...
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Determining the temperature of a remote star by using the black body radiation formula

I am new to astrophysics. There is a question about the celebrated Harvard classification. Can people at 1900 determine the temperature of a remote star using the black body radiation formula? I ...
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