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For questions about academic institutions, their members and other topics connected to the social process of scientific work and the interaction among students, scholars and other practitioners of science and mathematics.

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What was the typical format of a 16th century mathematical debate?

In The Equation that Couldn't be Solved, Mario Livio writes of academia in 16th century Bologna. Apparently, mathematicians would take part in public debates, sometimes involving solving problems. ...
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What is the largest academic genealogy tree that we know of?

Many famous scientists are connected by their doctorate advisor-student relations. I wonder if we know which is the largest continuous chain of famous researchers. I have checked pages like ...
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Physics Curricula of 19th Century French Universities?

What were the physics curricula for 19th century French universities? I am looking for something akin to this distribution of courses at the École Polytechnique, but for other French universities, ...
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How did research reproducibility in medicine evolve over time?

Some recent studies have analyzed the percentage of research that is reproducible. E.g. Prinz, F.; Schlange, T.; Asadullah, K. (2011). "Believe it or not: How much can we rely on published data on ...
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Resources to learn about the state of academia in the early 1900s?

Was not sure if I could ask this in the Academia Stack Exchange as the question is a little bit meta, so HSM looked like a more appropriate place. Apologies if that's not the case. There is currently ...
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Were any tobacco industry funded studies published in peer reviewed journals?

It is well known that the tobacco industry used the tactic of funding research which would come to conclusions that were in their interests, even though it contested other research findings. ...
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Which kinds of academic revolutions has philosophy of science indentified so far and when?

Recently, I had an interdisciplinary discussion with some friends about Industry 4.0, internet of things,...which brought up the question, which kind of academic revolutions apart from industrial ...
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Is there an objective way to measure how significant a discovery has been?

When the Nobel prize or Fields Medal gets awarded, I believe one of the criteria is the impact the discoveries have been. My question is, whether there are any objective ways to measure the impact? It ...
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What was the structure of first course in sociology?

I read that Max Weber supported the anti-positivist approach to sociology in Ludwig Maxmilian University of Munich. So I want to know the academic structure of the first course he appealed for. I ...
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Why has the proportion of women in computer science degrees declined in the USA?

Source In the United States, for most majors, the proportion of women either increased or stayed static. By contrast, the proportion of women in computer science declined from a peak of 37% in 1983 ...
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At what point did Calculus become a required field of study for aspiring scientists?

Nowadays, it's nearly impossible to obtain a university degree in a scientific discipline without completing at least some basic coursework in Calculus, and often times advanced courses are required. ...
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