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The history of under-40 rule of Fields Medal: has it ever been seriously discussed, voted on to change or at least challenged in IMU/ICM?

From Wikipedia, the under-40 rule is based on Fields' desire that "while it was in recognition of work already done, it was at the same time intended to be an encouragement for further ...
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2 answers

Did Feynman win the Putnam by a "large margin"?

From James Gleick's Genius: the life and science of Richard Feynman: One of Feynman’s fraternity brothers was surprised to see him return home while the examination was still going on. Feynman ...
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For shared Nobel prizes, where does the medal go?

When a Nobel prize is awarded to multiple people, the prize money is split. But what about the actual medal - how do they determine who will keep and store it? Been reading through the pages on ...
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Why didn't John von Neumann win the Turing Award, Fields Medal or Nobel Prize?

From what I've read in Wikipedia, John von Neumann made a stupendous number of contributions to economics, computer science and mathematics. Why, then, didn't he receive a top award in any of these ...
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Where to find a list of laurates of the Volta prize?

Hearing to episode 3 of Stephen Fry's podcast Great Leap Years, he describes this very prestigious French prize for scientist of 19th century called the Volta prize (le prix Volta in French). The ...
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How did USA become world leader in STEM?

Looking in the past we can easily see that it was Europe who made most of the discoveries in STEM but today USA triumphs in this area. So, how did this shift took place and what were the reasons for ...
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When did the Fields Medal get considered as the Nobel for math? [closed]

Until the Abel prize came along, the Fields medals were considered to be the Nobel for math. But when did this tradition of calling it the Nobel for math start and why? Because the prize money is ...
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Why isn't there a Nobel prize in Mathematics?

While I have heard speculative answers to this question, I do not know one which can be supported. Is there any information explaining why Nobel did not chose to include this topic? Has there even ...
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