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Why are quaternions more popular than tessarines despite being non-commutative?

Is this simply because of marketing, hype, etc? The bicomplex numbers (especially tessarines) look just great being commutative and all. Images source:
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Has the idea that the result of division of positive number by negative number should be negative ever been controversial?

If we divide a positive number by another positive number, the result becomes greater as the divisor becomes smaller. If we continue this logic, division by a negative number should be greater than ...
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What was Gauss's method for solving the "trinomial equation"?

In the second part of his fourth proof of the fundamental theorem of the algebra (published in 1849 [1]), entitled "A contribution to the theory of algebraic equations", Gauss gives a new ...
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In history of algebra, who was the first to add one equation to another equation?

In history of algebra, who was the first to add one equation to another equation? Someone gave me the name of an Italian mathematician of Renaissance period, but I lost the email. I wish to make it a ...
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Was further research done about the invention of Algebra?

In his book “A History of Mathematics”, Carl Boyer mentions that both AlKhwarizmi and Abd ElHamid Ibn Turk wrote their books on Algebra (“Aljabr w Almuqabla” and “Logical Necessities” respectively) at ...
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When did usage of the word polynomial become standard?

When did (cognates of) the word polynomial become standard in mathematical writing for expressions like $x^2 -x + 1$ and $ax^2 + bxy + cy^2$? In the 3rd edition of an 1822 English translation by Rev. ...
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