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When was the first time/s that sheaves entered algebra and algebraic geometry?

I'm interested in knowing about the first published texts in which sheaf-theoretic methods were used in algebra and/or in algebraic geometry. The oldest instance I am aware of is J.-P. Serre, ...
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Why did algebraic geometry need Alexander Grothendieck?

Grothendieck is arguably the most brilliant mathematician of the 20th century, with his influence felt the most in algebraic geometry, which he transformed. Some time ago the story used to be told was ...
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Who first introduced the notation $\mathcal{O}$ in algebraic geometry or algebraic number theory

This is my first question for HSM. If it is consider too specialized for HSM, perhaps it can be migrated to MathOverflow. In algebraic number theory, one frequently denotes the ring of algebraic ...
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How did Grothendieck encounter and adopt the categorical language?

Apparently the first mathematical publication of Grothendieck where he uses the terms “functor” and “category” in the technical sense is the Kansas report. From where Grothendieck had knowledge of ...
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