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First use of term "Hilbert's Nullstellensatz"

This year (2021) marks the 100th anniversary of Emmy Noether's 1921 paper in which she introduced Noetherian rings and proved the primary ideal decomposition for them. The original version of her ...
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History of Algebraic Geometry for a general readership?

I'm looking for a "pop maths" book on the subject. Something much more accessible than Dieudonné: "light reading" with emphasis on the history, personalities and general ideas and minimal ...
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History of Algebraic Geometry: Morphisms and Birational Geometry

Good people, I'm trying to get my head around the history of algebraic geometry, and while Dieudonné's tome is a very good source (very often the only source), it can from time to time be very ...
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History of right hand rule

I am curious to know when the right-hand-rule for vector product was established and used consistently in mathematics. I read here Who gave right hand thumb rule for circular loop of current ...
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When did modular forms start to get studied via algebraic geometry?

I'm looking, for instance, as to when people started studying modular curves and modular forms as sections of line bundles on them, as opposed to the point of view of modular forms being holomorphic ...
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The origin of $∂^2=0$ and $d^2=0$

I know that formula $∂^2=0$ and $d^2=0$ very important in the homology and cohomology theory. And I understand that this formula was generated from the process of finding a solution to the partial ...
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History behind Serre's conditions $\mathrm{S}_k$ and $\mathrm{R}_k$ for a commutative Noetherian ring

In 033Q we find defined what some sources call “Serre's conditions $\mathrm{S}_k$ and $\mathrm{R}_k$” (if you don't know what a scheme is, you can read the definition for a commutative Noetherian ring ...
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How did Grothendieck come in contact with Category theory?

Category theory was formalized around 1950s, and Grothendieck made his breakthrough papers about 10-20 years from that time. I wish to know, how was it possible the ideas of Category Theory were so ...
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The Picard Group: Origin and History

I've come to the notion of the Picard Group. I was recently linked to this paper paper, which contains the line: The problem of computing the Picard groups of surfaces $S \subset \mathbb{P}_{\mathbb{...
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Did the ancients construct higher genus curves?

I know that the ancients had several ways to construct geometric shapes. I know two of them: the biggest one, ruler and compass, with which you can build some polygons, bisect an angle, etc, but not ...
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Katz's symbol 兄 for Gauss-Manin connections

In his famous 1970 paper [1], Nicholas Katz used the character 兄 for the Gauss-Manin connection. I have always been curious about the history behind this symbol. Question: What motivated Katz to use ...
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Lefschetz historical proof of Hyperplane Theorem

I would like to understand the the idea behind the historically original proof by Lefschetz of his Hyperplane theorem sketched roughly Here. The basic setup: Let $X$ be an $n$ -dimensional complex ...
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Why a second edition of EGA was never published?

Grothendieck's Éléments de géométrie algébrique, also known as EGA, was originally devised to consist of thirteen volumes (as stated in the introduction of the first volume), from which Grothendieck ...
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