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Dissemination of Calculus in China

Much has already been written about the dissemination of Euclidean geometry into China:, https://academic.oup....
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What is the Expected Durability/Digitization Efforts of Pre-Hellenistic works that are made from Materials like Papyrus, Bamboo, Bark, Stone, e.t.c?

Currently, I am reading "Foundations and Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics Third Edition" by Howard Eves, and I have came across this paragraph: In our study of early mathematics we are ...
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Did a Chinese astronomical text conduct the "Galileo's Ship" thought experiment around the 2nd century BCE?

A math and physics magazine I was browsing through contains the quotation The Earth is moving constantly, but people do not know it; like the crew in an enclosed ship, they do not notice it. The ...
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Old Indian and Chinese references

It is been some years since I completed my graduate studies in mathematics at a Spanish university. I remember one of the most pleasant and enriching moments I experienced was when reading Euclid´s ...
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English translation of Xu Yue's Shushu Jiyi?

Is there an english translation of Xu Yue's Shushu Jiyi? This is the work, around 190 CE, often described as containing the first description of the abacus. It is often associated with China's "...
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Has Chinese Remainder Theorem ever been used by Chinese military?

The Chinese Remainder Theorem says, in rough terms, that if you know the remainders of an integer $n$ modulo $m_1,m_2,\dots,m_r$, you also know $n$ modulo $\mathrm{lcm}(m_1,m_2,\dots,m_r)$. In the ...
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Is the Scientific Method uniquely Western?

I'm studying High School Science teaching in Australia. In our Science curriculum there are "cross-curriculum" priorities "Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures" and "Asia and ...
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Did ancient/medieval non-European cultures have a concept of energy? If so, what are the similarities and differences to the modern concept?

For example, do we find something related to the modern energy concept in Ancient China, Ancient India, or the Islamic Golden Age? Among "similarities and differences", conservation is obviously ...
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Ancient Chinese numbering system

It has been said that the invention of zero was a great leap forward, not only in abstract understanding, but in the ability to introduce place value notation and do computations; computing using ...
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