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Questions tagged [ancient-india]

For questions about events occurring in India and the immediate areas around it between 2500 B.C. and 1500 A.D.

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Did the Maclaurin series for sine and cosine unsettle Indian mathematicians?

As many of you may know, sometime around the 14/15th centuries an Indian mathematician by the name of Madhava of Sangamagrama derived the Maclaurin series for sine and cosine for the first time in ...
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What would be some earlier comments on "1+2+3+4=10"?

"1+2+3+4=10" is an arithmetical triviality that is popular as an example of Pythagoreanism. There seems to be no mention of it in ancient Greek texts prior to Speusippus (e.g. ca. 350BCE; ...
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Group theory in non-European/subaltern cultures?

I'm doing undergraduate research on the history of abstract algebra (specifically permutation groups) and the notion of symmetric groups in indigenous artwork has come up several times. Is anyone ...
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Old Indian and Chinese references

It is been some years since I completed my graduate studies in mathematics at a Spanish university. I remember one of the most pleasant and enriching moments I experienced was when reading Euclid´s ...
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What is the reason behind the decline of Indian Physics?

As in what were the main factors, personalities, policies, etc involved in its decline during the $16^{th}$ century to the present day?
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