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Questions tagged [anthropology]

For questions about the history of science or mathematics that concern anthropology.

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Need cases of *scientistic* fallacies in 19th century anthropological/ethnological studies of Native Americans

I'm looking for primary sources in which the author(s) commit scientistic fallacies when speaking about Native Americans. I'm working my way through S.G. Morton's Crania Americana, which is close, but ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Reverse subtraction: has any culture had a symbol (call it $\oplus$) where $A \oplus B$ (read in the same direction as in the language) $:= B - A$?

The standard use of the minus sign is such that $A-B$ means you subtract B from A. Thus $$5-2 = 3.$$ Has any culture used a symbol (let's call it $\oplus$) where $A \oplus B$ means you subtract A from ...
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2 votes
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What symbols have been used for "many" (or "a large amount of") or "a few" (or "a small amount of") in the history of mathematics or other fields?

When making notes recently I felt like using a symbol for "a large amount of", and it occurred to me that surely others before me must have experienced the need for such a symbol. What ...
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