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Did the ancient Romans know and use the catenary test when building arches and bridges?

I am trying to understand if ancient Romans understood and used the catenary test when building bridges. I cannot find anything online
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When did mathematicians transition from peg and rope to straightedege and compass?

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the student of classical Greek geometry used "straight edge and compass". A. Seidenberg uses the terminology "peg and cord" in proposing that altar construction ...
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When did architects first become aware of the usefulness of the catenary arch?

The Wikipedia-entry for catenaries lists Robert Hooke as the first to study catenaries mathematically, in the 1670s. However, the dome of the Florence Cathedral, completed structurally in 1436, ...
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When did architects learn how to calculate load on building members accurately?

For many years, large buildings with impressive spans between the building columns were erected without precisely calculating what loads the columns, walls, and buttresses would have to support. Load ...
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To what degree did ancient Egyptians use Cement Chemistry

From a young age I have been taught that the stones used to create the great pyramids were mined. Concrete and cements were largely invented by the Romans/Greeks especially for use as mortar. More ...
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