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Did Archimedes or anyone else prior to Galileo think that heavier things did not fall faster?

I think I saw a high school science film in which Galileo is eating with nobility or something and the scientist amazes a young woman by simply dropping an orange and a grape, saying, if heavier ...
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What justified that impetus was in proportion to speed and weight?

I often see the claim that impetus, the ancestor of momentum, was understood to be proportional to speed and weight. For example, Jean Buridan wrote: When a mover sets a body in motion he implants ...
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How did Aristotle explain the motion of living things moving by themselves, and falling of objects, with his hypothesis of all motion needing a cause?

Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC), a pioneering, iconoclastic, and brilliant ancient Greek philosopher, made the observation in his writings that the long term stable state of objects is at rest, that ...
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Aristotelian explanation of magnetism

How did Aristotle explain magnetism? As far as I know, there were only 7 postulates in Aristotelian mechanics: The first hypothesis Earth is the center of the universe. Second hypothesis All material ...
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What was Aristotle's experience with vacuums?

What was Aristotle's idea of a vacuum when he said that nature abhors one? How would any ancient have experienced/observed or created a vacuum beside, I guess, when one breathes or perhaps when water ...
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What is Aristotle's view on Plant generation?

I am new to Aristotle study, In Book 1 of Generation of Aristotle give his view on plant generation, In Book 1.1 Aristotle writes " But all those creatures which do not move, as the Testacea and ...
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What is "female seed" in Galen's work?

On the last page (page 84) of Anthony Preus's paper$^\star$ on Galen's criticism of Aristotle's Conception Theory, the author writes that Galen discussing the second book of "On Seed", which ...
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How did Aristotle die? [closed]

Wikipedia says he died of natural causes. I recall going through a N. Wildberger lecture on the history of mathematics and got a different account. He was stabbed by a Roman soldier while Rome was ...
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Did Aristotle note that ships disappear over the horizon hull-first?

I have run across several references to Aristotle's arguments for a spherical earth which claim that he noted that ships sink over horizon hull-first. For instance, Isaac Asimov writes in his essay ...
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When was the diving bell invented?

This question comes from my attempts to give a good answer to the previous question, How was difference in water pressure perceived in ancient cultures or the middle ages? I know from my childhood ...
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Why did Aristotle make mistakes in his laws of motion?

I was studying Aristotle's laws of motion and comparing them to Newton's. He states that heavier bodies fall faster than lighter ones. I really can't understand how he could have committed such a ...
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Was Aristotle really wrong about gravity?

When I was in 9th grade, I learned that Aristotle was responsible for holding back physics for centuries because he said that heavier objects fall faster than lighter objects. Finally, in the 16th ...
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