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Stefan Banach (1892-1945) was a Polish mathematician who is generally considered one of the world's most important and influential 20th century mathematicians. He was the founder of modern functional analysis, and an original member of the Lwów School of Mathematics.

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What were people looking for when they started to study bounded linear functionals?

Very briefly, my understanding of the initial motivations for studying $L^p$ spaces included interest in the $\ell_2$ space, due to relationships with quadratic forms that arose from searching for ...
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Banach chicken story

I think in undergrad functional analysis we were told an anecdote that at Stefan Banach's university in Warsaw they maintained a list of open problems which had material prizes attached to them ...
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Who extended the Banach fixed point theorem from the context of normed spaces to the context of metric spaces?

It is well known that Banach's fixed-point theorem was initially conceived as a fixed-point theorem for applications defined in normed spaces (see [1]). This theorem was conceived in 1922 by Stefan ...
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What was the connection between David Hilbert and Stefan Banach?

The so-called "Hilbert space" is named after mathematician David Hilbert. Later, this was generalized into "Banach spaces" by Stefan Banach. My understanding is that Hilbert was ...
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