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Unclosed Macroscopic equation from the statistical moments in kinetic theory of gases

I'm interested in kinetic theory of gases, notably its history. I know that, after the pioneering work of Boltzmann who derived the Boltzmann equation, it is possible by taking its statistical moment ...
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In which work was Boltzmann's entropy originally introduced?

I get an impression from this enyclopedia entry that the primary source of the Boltzmann entropy equation $S = k \log W$ might be 1866, Über die Mechanische Bedeutung des Zweiten Hauptsatzes der ...
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Einstein's Objection to Drude Model

In Walter Isaacson's Biography of Einstein, it is stated that the young Einstein was developing his own ideas in Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics and he had found some error in Drude's model for ...
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What was Boltzmann's contribution to the theory of "statistical ensemble"?

In the book "Ludwig Boltzmann, the man who trusted atoms"by C.Cercignani, I read about the thesis according to which it was Boltzmann, not Gibbs who first introduced the concept of "...
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What is the difference between Einstein's and Boltzmann's definitions of probability?

In the Einstein's 1905 paper on light quanta, he wrote the following about Boltzmann's notion of probability: The word probability is used in a sense that does not confirm to its definition as it ...
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Did Ludwig Boltzmann read Albert Einstein's publication published on Brownian motion one year before Boltzmann passed away?

Apparently there was some negative reception of Boltzmann's idea of an "atom". I assume the mathematics used by Einstein in his publication did not use any of Boltzmann's statistical mathematics ...
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Ludwig Boltzmann: life and work

Could you suggest a good biographic book about the life and work of the physicist Ludwig Boltzmann?
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What became of the Boltzmann-Zermelo debate about the second law of thermodynamics?

At the end of 19th century there was a lively discussion about the nature of the second law of thermodynamics, and its relation to Hamiltonian dynamics. Boltzmann developed a position that the second ...
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