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Looking for math history but keep finding the same old stuff

I've browsed many math history books, but I've never read too deep into any single one. I always find myself reading the about the same facts and same people over and over -- the set of topics doesn't ...
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Presocratics from the view of mathematicians and physicists

I am interested in a book that has all the fragments of pre-socratics but the notes etc. in the translation are from a mathematician or physicist relating with how each point affected the evolution of ...
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2 answers

I am searching for a book of this form and content, is there any?

I would like to know is there a book that is both a history of mathematics and a collection of open problems? I know that there exist many books that cover either larger or smaller periods of the ...
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Are there any good books on the history of condensed matter?

Condensed matter is probably as modern as quantum mechanics but has less coverage than other branches like particle physics. Is there are any good book on the history of solid state/condensed matter? ...
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Historically accurate alternatives to "Men of Mathematics"?

I have heard that the book "Men of Mathematics" by E. Bell is a very entertaining text composed of several biographies of a number of influential mathematicians, and is in fact one of the most popular ...
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Women in mathematics

I'd like to read something about the history of women in mathematics. I'd love to have reading suggestions of books in English or Italian, of 3 kinds: 1) History of math books, academic style; 2) ...
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3 answers

Which book covers topology historically?

Is there a book, which expresses all the questions, or searches for attainment of certain utility/need, or thing, which gave the discovery or invention of all the components of Topology? I need book ...
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5 answers

I'm looking for books of Muslim scholars/scientists who have had some influence in the development of modern science

In the Golden Age of Islam, Muslim scholars and scientists wrote a lot of books and manuscripts in many sciences such as medicine. My question is, are there any books which have had some longer (or ...
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Demystifying Nikola Tesla: Scientifically sound, historically accurate biography

As any physicist knows, a lot of amateur science afficionados out there bring up Nikola Tesla in rather fantastical ways. There are indeed a few reasons for his near mythical status in popular culture,...
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3 answers

Looking for books on the history of chemistry?

I'm looking for good books on history of chemistry and chemical methodology. There appear to be surprisingly few available on the market based on my own 'research' (just googling and phrase-searching ...
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Books on history of biochemistry

I am looking for books on the history of biochemistry. Searching online there are some short articles that can be found, which just mention a few highlights, but I haven't really found more ...
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Kurt Gödel: a biography

I'm looking for a well-written biographical book about Kurt Gödel. Any titles you'd recommend?
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History of complex analysis

Does anyone know of a good book on the history of imaginary numbers and complex analysis and its role in physics?
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What is the original source of the problem of finding equivalent resistance between two nodes in an infinite grid of resistors?

A famous problem in electronics or physics course,is the following--- Consider an infinite 2d grid of resistors having resistance of equal value.Find the resistance between any two nodes in the grid. ...
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Ludwig Boltzmann: life and work

Could you suggest a good biographic book about the life and work of the physicist Ludwig Boltzmann?
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Handbook of proofs

Do you know any handbook where original proofs of mathematicians' of the past theorems and facts are in modern notation? For example, for the Archimedean spiral etc
7 votes
4 answers

Textbook on the History of General Relativity

I have studied General Relativity from various textbooks already, and the subject fascinated me immensely. I was wandering if there is any textbook that deals with the chronological "steps" that ...
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7 answers

Pop-sci books that were publicly influential but based on weak science

(I hope this is on-topic on this site) I am wondering what are some of the best examples of popular-science books that had large influence in public, but was based on weak science? By "large ...
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Books on the history of influential Treatises on Calculus and Analysis

I'm interested in the history of calculus & analysis and looking for books that examine in some detail the history of writings on these subjects, mainly the history of the 17th-century "Treatise ...
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5 answers

Which book gives a thorough understanding on the scientific environment of antiquity?

I have started reading Rene Dugas' History of Mechanics book. I want to understand physics from the spectacle of seeing its intellectual evolution instead of directly jumping into its general theories/...
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1 answer

Good book on history of mechanics

For absolute beginners in physics, what are some good books in the history of physics (especially mechanics) ? (But it should not be full of mathematical hand waving - actual historical development ...
3 votes
2 answers

Most known teachers of specific branch of Science

After acquainting myself with the works of Richard Feynman in Physics: " The Feynman Lectures on Physics" and partially with the works of Donald Knuth in Programming: "The Art of Computer Programming",...