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Nicolas Bourbaki was the pseudonym chosen by a group of young mathematicians in France in the mid 1930s.

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Source of a Quote by M. Stone on Poincaré and Bourbaki

The quote in question is the following: For Bourbaki, Poincaré was the devil incarnate. For students of chaos and fractals, Poincaré is of course God on Earth. The common reference for this quote ...
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Where can I find Bourbaki's Latin telegram?

In the Bourbaki archives in Lorainne, France, there appears to be a Latin telegram from Nicolas Bourbaki to Marcel Brelot (see reference 486 at
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Were there women inside Bourbaki?

Bourbaki was founded around 1934, they have a limit age of fifty and many mathematicians have passed through it. According to an interview with Chevalley no women have belonged to the group up to 1985....
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How did 'N. Bourbaki' address a conference?

As I understand it, 'N. Bourbaki' was the pseudonym of a collective of French mathematicians. How, then, did 'it' give a conference talk1 in Columbus, Ohio in 1948? 1 N. Bourbaki, Foundations of ...
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What were the standard algebra texts used in elite French universities during the 20th century?

France was home to some of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century such as Weil, Serre, Grothendieck, and Deligne, just to name a few. What algebra texts did they study from during their ...
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Relation between Bourbaki group and Vienna Circle

Background: I'm an undergraduate student in Mathematics and I study Mathematical Logic and Philosophy of Science in an undergraduate research project (here in Brazil, where I'm from, we call this kind ...
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Where can I find a copy of Dieudonné's 'Infinitesimal Calculus'?

I found a copy of the French version 'Calcul infinitésimal' online but the English edition seems to only be available on Amazon for a very hefty price, or in American libraries which I do not have ...
3 votes
2 answers

Where can I find Grothendieck's letter of resignation from Bourbaki?

I encountered Grothendieck's resignation letter from Bourbaki along with its English translation not too long ago on the web, but for now it seems it's nowhere to be found. I've scoured through the ...
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Translations of "Sur le théorème de Zorn"?

Are there any translations of the following into English, German, or Russian? Nicolas Bourbaki, Sur le théorème de Zorn, Archiv der Mathematik, Volume 2, pages 434–437, November 1949. Any help is ...
11 votes
2 answers

Where are Pierre Samuel's videos of Bourbaki proceedings available?

Wikipedia's article on Pierre Samuel claims (uncitedly): He was a member of the Bourbaki group, and filmed some of their meetings. A French television documentary on Bourbaki broadcast some of this ...