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Questions tagged [category-theory]

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The origin of $∂^2=0$ and $d^2=0$

I know that formula $∂^2=0$ and $d^2=0$ very important in the homology and cohomology theory. And I understand that this formula was generated from the process of finding a solution to the partial ...
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How did Grothendieck come in contact with Category theory?

Category theory was formalized around 1950s, and Grothendieck made his breakthrough papers about 10-20 years from that time. I wish to know, how was it possible the ideas of Category Theory were so ...
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The first commutative diagram

Cf. Is this the first ever commutative diagram? By commutative diagram I mean anything that shows an equality (or ...
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Was there historical influence of lattice theory on category theory?

I know that Maclane and Eilenberg created category theory together. And I also know that lattice theory is a concept created by Dedekind with the motivation of ring and ideal theory. And this concept ...
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