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2 answers

Who was the inventor of the 18-electron rule?

According to Wikipedia, the first person who proposed 18-electron rule was American chemist Irving Langmuir, but the rule is widely known by the name Sidgwick's rule. I cannot find any information ...
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Biographical info on Alan Earnshaw (Chemistry of the Elements)

I'm looking for any bio/info/obit on Alan Earnshaw, who was a co-author of Norman Greenwood (who has a wiki page and an online obit). FYI, I tried several different Google searches, but the best I ...
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Did Kary Mullis actually invent PCR as he claimed?

I remember learning that the inventor of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was Kary Mullis, who was awarded the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1993. I recently learned that there is some controversy about ...
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Luis Miramontes helped enable the sexual revolution. Why isn’t he better known? [closed]

Why, then, did Miramontes remain an obscure figure? He was a student at a time when science was especially hierarchical. And the fact that Searle beat Syntex to market cut Mexico — and Miramontes — ...
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What was Pauling's claim about vitamin C?

As I understand it after winning two (un-shared) Nobel prizes Linus Pauling began work which eventually had him recommending large amounts of vitamin C to all and sundry. When another scientist was ...
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What is the first instance in which Mendeleev published a long-form table as compared with his 8-column table of 1869?

Mendeleev is famous for having published his first periodic table in 1869. This was a short-form or 8-column table. He also published a number of 18 column periodic tables. I am asking for ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Why is Mendeleev credited with the discovery of the periodic table much more often than Meyer?

The question "Why do we learn little about Mendeleev when compared to other science figures?" let me ask: Why do we learn next to nothing about Julius Lothar Meyer (1830-1895) who in parallel to ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Why do we learn little about Mendeleev when compared to other science figures?

This is not a question about chemistry as a science, but as a school discipline. Why is it that Mendeleev as a person is barely mentioned in chemistry courses compared to all the others, like Coulomb, ...
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Dmitri Mendeleev's Periodic Table

Dmitri Mendeleev arranged his first periodic table according to the number of protons and valency electrons. How did he, and others of his age, know of these subatomic particles and electron shell ...
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Did Alfred Nobel collect his wealth by selling dynamite?

At the start of my chemistry course, my professor told a story: He said that Alfred Nobel invented dynamite (which is true) and he accumulated his wealth by selling it to both parties A and B (...
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