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Cryptology is the science concerned with data communication and storage in secure and usually secret form. It encompasses both cryptography and cryptanalysis.

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Historical examples of frauds discovered because someone tried to mimic a uniform random sequence

So, I'm preparing a talk about the well known fact that humans are bad at the task of generating uniformly random sequences of numbers when asked to do so. I would like to spice the talk a bit by ...
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Does the prototype BB84 quantum cryptography machine still exist?

According to Wikipedia's timelines, quantum computing may have had some inceptions as early as the late 60's, when Stephen Wiesner invented conjugate coding. Around the early 80's, Wiesner's ideas ...
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What would happen if an Enigma machine's plugboard were used to map a letter to itself?

A famous characteristic of the Enigma machine was that its rotor design ensured/required that no letter ever map to itself. However, there was a plugboard on the front that could swap letter pairs. So ...
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Where can I find the historical information or the stats related to Winning WW2 with the minimum actions using The Bombe Machine of Alan Turing?

I am doing a marathon of data visualizations with real world datasets. I am interested in historical war datasets. Does anybody know about the historical data on The Bombe Machine cracking the codes ...
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How the random numbers were generated which were used during world war 2(ww2)?

I know One-time-pad were used during ww2 and, I want to know how the random numbers were generated.
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Cryptography in Japan before Meiji

I have a question related to Japan History and cryptography record. As you may know, Meiji is the period in Japan between 1868 and 1912, in which occidental reforming was performed. After (and ...
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Why were British WWII computing machines and their projects destroyed after the war ended?

I've seen from a number of sources that both the Colossus and the cryptological bombes operating for England were dismantled after the war ended. The Wikipedia article even says that all of Colossus' ...
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What cipher(s) did Isaac Newton use?

A number of sources including this one assert that Isaac Newton used encrypted messages to communicate some of his scientific discoveries, and as a way of establishing priority. What cipher(s) did he ...
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