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Questions tagged [cybernetics]

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Did Walter Pitts refuse to allow his name to be made publicly available?

I read on the Wikipedia page on Walter Pitts that : Pitts was also described as an eccentric, refusing to allow his name to be made publicly available. He refused all offers of advanced ...
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6 votes
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history of backpropagation

Has anybody read or have access to Alex Andrew Significance Feedback in Neural Nets Report of Biological Computer Laboratory, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL GM-10718-03 TR No 5 September ...
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Research about Stafford Beer's claim about a method for solving simultaneous equations unknowingly via a game by kids?

I found this claim in the book "How many grapes went into the wine", in the Artorga section: In 1956 I devised a game for solving simultaneous linear equations in two variables. The theory ...
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