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Questions tagged [electronics]

Electronics is the science and engineering dealing with the emission, flow and control of electrons in vacuum and matter.

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Infinity as a truth value

I seem to recall that Claude Shannon, in developing his symbolic theory of electrical networks, remarked in a footnote that for some purposes it would make more sense to represent truth by infinity ...
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Where exactly did George Brown publish the first paper about Turnstile antennas?

In its most basic form the Turnstile antenna is two half-wave dipole antennas that are perpendicular and driven 90 degrees out of phase. For a recent review see Crossed Dipole Antennas: A review (also ...
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How did people realize they could do logic with electronics?

How did people realize they could do logic with electronics? Are there anecdotes of the first realizations? I'm wondering about the first "eureka" moments.
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Did the Soviet Union have their own discoveries in the development of semiconductors and the semiconductor industry?

After the Second World War Russia had a vastly larger number of students being trained in their universities compared to the United States around the time of the International Geophysical Year in 1957....
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Did the concept of the Dirac Sea influence the development of semiconductors like the transistor?

Dirac (1928), ( explained the negative-energy solutions of his equations as holes in a sea of electrons. The concept seems ...
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Who created the first vacuum tube?

As far as I know, light bulbs existed early in the late 19th century, and the vacuum tube was created based on their design. But I haven't found any information about who came up with the idea to ...
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