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Questions tagged [evolution]

For questions about the development of evolution, including evolution before Darwin, Darwinian evolution through natural selection and Neo-Darwinism.

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Who came up with the Darwinian demon?

I know of Maxwell's, Descartes' and Laplace's demons but I recently found out that there is Darwinian one. I do not think that this demon appears in the works of Charles Darwin. Do you know who may ...
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What were Gregor Mendel's and Darwin's views on evolution?

Mendel's laws (like the laws of segregation or inheritance) became known to a wider publis decades after he discovered these laws. He assumed trait particles in operation that were responible for his ...
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Fossil evidence of common ancestor to Great Apes and Humans

Where can I find documentation of fossil findings about ancient human anscestors, even down to the point of believed divergence between great apes and humans? I heard a skeleton has been found earlier ...
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