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What hair color did Évariste Galois have?

There is one historic black and white portrait of Évariste Galois that is often used [1]. However there are a number of more recent colorful portraits that imagine him to be anything from straw blond[...
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What were the standard algebra texts used in elite French universities during the 20th century?

France was home to some of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century such as Weil, Serre, Grothendieck, and Deligne, just to name a few. What algebra texts did they study from during their ...
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Physics Curricula of 19th Century French Universities?

What were the physics curricula for 19th century French universities? I am looking for something akin to this distribution of courses at the École Polytechnique, but for other French universities, ...
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Who were some of the scientists in the post-war French nuclear weapon project?

The Manhattan project is well known for gathering many top scientists of the century. The Soviet nuclear program seem to have a reduced but still important cast with scientists like Andrei Sakharov, ...
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Did a boat full of Louis XIV's Jesuits and some Siamese dignitaries plan on seeing a solar eclipse on May 17, 1687

The interesting Cosmic Elk article Eclipses in Siam (now Thailand) History and Legends says: While the Siamese ambassadors and their entourage were visiting ship yards and armouries and making ...
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What does "in-4o" mean in this French collection from 1768?

In the Memoires de l'Academie Royale de Prusse tome 1. from 1768, a summary of articles from the "Royal Society of Prussia" (the Königliche Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin Academy, or ...
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What books did Lavoisier read?

I am interested in Antoine Lavoisier's intellectual formation/background. Is there any available list of the books which Antoine Lavoisier read, especially ones on science/mathematics/philosophy (even ...
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Was there a French nuclear weapons project during WWII?

France research pioneered the discovery of radioactivity and nuclear research. However looking at the names of non-US Americans in the Manhattan project there are very few French names (maybe just ...
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Why didn't French people take the decimal positional system? [closed]

I heard that mathematics in France is very hard because it didn't follow the decimal positional system (promoted by Leonardo Fibonacci in Europe), and I searched and found from Wikipedia that: ...
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