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Évariste Galois (1811-1832) was a French mathematician who produced a method of determining when a general polynomial equation could be solved by radicals and is famous for his development of early group theory. He died very young after fighting a duel.

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Error-correcting codes based on Galois fields

I seem to recall reading that some French mathematician (perhaps a member of Bourbaki?) came up with the idea of basing error-correcting codes on Galois fields quite early in the development of ...
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What hair color did Évariste Galois have?

There is one historic black and white portrait of Évariste Galois that is often used [1]. However there are a number of more recent colorful portraits that imagine him to be anything from straw blond[...
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Continuation on Galois’ lost memoir(s): was Poisson right in his review of Galois’ memoir?

A recent question asked whether Galois’ “lost” memoir has been since recovered (similar to Abel’s lost memoir). The memoir referenced in the question is the one Galois submitted to the French “...
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Lost memoir of Évariste Galois

According to the Wikipedia article on Évariste Galois He submitted his memoir on equation theory several times, but it was never published in his lifetime due to various events. Though his first ...
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Did Galois make use of the concept of a basis?

I've been reading Galois' First Memoir, where he introduces Galois Theory by giving a sufficient and necessary condition for a polynomial to be solvable by radicals. The proofs are a bit sketchy and ...
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Did Gauss reply to Galois?

It is believed by many that Galois penned down his ideas in a letter to his friend the day before his death. He even asked his friend to take that letter to the great Gauss, not to verify its contents ...
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Biography of Galois in English

Note: This was first posted at Mathematics Stack Exchange, from which I was redirected here. Forgive me if this violates any crossposting rules I'm not currently aware of. Currently, I'm starting ...
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Did Evariste Galois create the entire group structure concept?

Did Evariste Galois create the entire group structure concept? If yes, were "super-sets" of groups (e.g. rings or vector spaces) created on top of Galois's work? When and by who? If no, did Galois ...
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Galois quote about his refused work

On page 10 of this article (in Portuguese), I read that Galois used the following phrase when his memoirs weren't accepted by the French Academy of Sciences: Oh! Innocent cherubs! Could someone give ...
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Why was Évariste Galois killed?

It is well known that Évariste Galois died a young man. I have heard that he died in a duel. What was the duel about? More rather what is the back story behind his death and did he really write down ...
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