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What was the first human gene sequenced/annotated?

The Human Genome Project was famously declared complete in 2003, and to date there are 6000 genes discovered/annotated. What was the first one discovered and annotated?
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"Just before he died, (Gregor) Mendel requested that an extensive autopsy be done." Why? Was he simply "very enthusiastic for all kinds of research"?

NPR's December 30, 2022 article Why scientists dug up the father of genetics, Gregor Mendel, and analyzed his DNA includes speculation by those involved about whether Mendel would want his body to be ...
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What did Kaspar contribute to the gene therapy for spinal muscular atrophy?

I've read on KEI website that in the early 2000s Dr Martine Barkats, from France, successfuly treated mice with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) with an AAV9 viral vector; and that Dr Brian Kaspar, an ...
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When and why was the symbol $w$ introduced for biological fitness?

$w$ the visually similar $\omega$ are often used to represent biological fitness in population genetics models. (Sometimes $W$ is used for absolute fitness, and $w$ for relative fitness.) These ...
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Why didn't Mendel's experiments draw attention until the 20th century?

In The Gene: An Intimate History, author concludes the Mendel's pea experiments publication by these words: Mendel himself requested forty reprints, which he mailed, heavily annotated, to many ...
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How was Mendel's work rediscovered after being forgotten for 45 years?

According to Melanie Mitchell's book, Complexity: A Guided Tour [PDF], Mendel's model [...] was published in a rather obscure journal and was not appreciated as being of great importance until 1900, ...
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Who first suggested that "junk" DNA may perform epigenetic functions?

In the last few years there have been several reports that DNA that does not code for any protein ("junk" DNA) may have epigenetic aspects: namely, switching on and off other genes. In the ...
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Francis Crick and the usefulness of "genes" as compared to molecular biochemistry

In lecture 12 of Professor John R. Searle's U.C. Berkeley class, "Philosophy of Mind", he remarks [18m22s]: We no longer talk mysteriously about how heredity works. We can actually identify ...
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Who was the Northern California pioneer of genetics?

I was telling a friend about a pioneer researcher in genetics who did his work in Northern California around the late 1800s. I was thinking this was in Marin, Sonoma, or Napa County. When I tried to ...
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