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Why couldn't Robert Peary use his theodolite at the North pole

Robert Peary writes in his book The North Pole: The instruments used in taking observations for latitude may be either a sextant and an artificial horizon, or a small theodolite. Both these ...
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History of triangulation

Snell tends to be quoted as the person to develop triangulation in geodesy. I don't believe, however, that triangulation was invented only then. For example, here Al-Biruni is mentioned to have "...
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How widespread was the belief in Europe that the Earth is round until the Renaissance?

Already in antiquity, Greek mathematicians realized that the Earth is round, and the idea was operative in Europe ever since. But how widespread was this belief in the centuries until the Renaissance? ...
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Why is so much of modern mathematics rooted in Germany?

Whenever I read some Mathematic theories, I find it they are typically done by some people living in Germany. Eg: Riemann, Gauss, Moses Schoenfinkel etc. I want to know what Germany did to arise so ...
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