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When was the term "plate tectonics" first used in geology?

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary writes that the first known usage of plate tectonics in the sense of the geological theory was in 1969. Encyclopedia Britannica credits Alfred Wegener with an ...
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Which "experiments to solve geological questions" did Berend George Escher use?

Berend George Escher was a Dutch geologist (and half-brother of artist M. C. Escher). His Wikipedia page states that: He was also a pioneer in using experiments to solve geological questions, for ...
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How did Kelvin square his low estimate of the age of the sun with the geological evidence?

Kelvin famously disputed geological estimates of the age of the earth because he said gravitational collapse couldn’t fuel the sun long enough. But even if gravitational collapse, not fusion, had been ...
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At what point did "Archean" go from meaning the entire Precambrian to just the middle part?

I can't find the exact date when the Archean began to mean "the middle of the Precambrian", as opposed to the beginning or the whole thing. It is some time after 1925 and before 1972. ...
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When was the geological timescale determined by radiometric dating?

Long before radiometric dating, Earth's history was divided into a timescale with named units based on bands of rocks and fossils. Thus events could be placed in order by superposition. Some time ...
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How did 19th century scientists estimate the age of the Earth

Let me briefly recall the "Age of the Earth controversy". Based on the hypothesis that Earth was originally hot and cools down ever since, and using the data on the gradient of temperature ...
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