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Kurt Friedrich Gödel (1906-1978) was an Austrian logician, mathematician, and philosopher.

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Kurt Gödel: a biography

I'm looking for a well-written biographical book about Kurt Gödel. Any titles you'd recommend?
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Checking a Gödel quote on Principia Mathematica

Is there any serious doubt of whether the first edition of Russell and Whitehead's Principia Mathematica used the ramified theory of types? I am travelling and cannot easily check sources but I do ...
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Was Paul Cohen a student or assistant of Gödel?

In The Man Who Loved Only Numbers, a biography about Paul Erdős, by Paul Hoffman, the author claims that Paul Cohen was "Gödel's former assistant" (p 225). However, I can't find any other sources ...
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Did Gödel know about Turing degrees in 1946?

A much quoted passage from Gödel is the opening section of his Remarks before the Princeton bicentennial conference on problems in mathematics (1946) where he praises Turing's Turing machine model of ...
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Did Gödel consider himself primarily a philosopher who is interested in mathematics (instead of the other way round)?

Kurt Gödel is one of the "best" logicians of the 20th century. Here, the user "Jeffrey Kegler" states that: Kurt Gödel considered himself a philosopher who did mathematics, rather than as a ...
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What was Gödel's proof that errors in U.S. constitution could allow the U.S. to become a fascist dictatorship?

According to this document, Kurt Gödel had discovered logical inconsistiencies in the U.S. constitution that could theoretically allow it to become a dictatorship. Morgenstern told him not to bring it ...
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What did Kurt Gödel mean by nonstandard analysis being "the analysis of the future"?

I found this: There are good reasons to believe that nonstandard analysis, in some version or other, will be the analysis of the future. What exactly did Kurt Gödel mean?
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