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What are the wrong assumptions made in Anagaxoras' model in his calculation of Earth-Sun distance?

The greek mathematician Anaxagoras made an inacurrate evaluation of the distance between the Sun and the Earth. I've been thinking about his work and would like to know what exactly was wrong about ...
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A collection of the fragments of Eudemus of Rhodes?

I am looking for a complete collection of fragments of Eudemus of Rhodes. He is considered to be the first historian of science. His fragments have given us a glimpse of how Greek mathematics ...
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Is there a comprehensive list of Ancient Greek mathematical writings?

Much of the Ancient Greek's mathematical philosophy texts have survived from antiquity and passed to modern times. Also, texts previously thought to be lost are being occasionally rediscovered (...
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A text or YouTube channel with a comparison between pre-Cartesian with post-Cartesian mathematics

Is there some good book or YouTube channel that make a good comparison/distinctions between the mathematics before René Descartes, with the mathematics after Descartes? In the short article "The ...
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Did ancient Greeks have a numerical value for the Golden Ratio

Did they calculate a numerical value for the "extreme and mean ratio" or did they just have ways to construct it geometrically? If so, what value did they use and how did they calculate it?
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Did Archimedes know Archimedes' recurrence formula?

Archimedes used polygons inscribed and circumscribed to the circle to approximate pi in his "Measurement of a Circle". However, I think Archimedes' recurrence formula is not used there. Did ...
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Eudoxus sources

Nothing from Eudoxus is extant (unless we count a poem that paraphrases some of his astronomical work). Since he is often cited as the originator of both the theory of proportions found in book 5 of ...
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