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Werner Karl Heisenberg (1901-1976) was a German theoretical physicist and one of the key pioneers of quantum mechanics.

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From where did Heisenberg (1925) obtain the classical frequency equation?

In Quantum-Theoretical Re-Interpretation (1925), Heisenberg gives the following: In order to characterize this radiation [of an electron] we first need the frequencies which appear as functions of ...
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Early helium spectrum measurements and their challenge for Bohr's quantum mechanics

My understanding is that explaining ortho- and para- helium spectral lines was a key motivation for Heisenberg's new quantum theory. For example, Birthwistle's 1928 "The New Quantum Mechanics&...
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According to Heisenberg, is quantum theory merely a calculation procedure for predictions?

Is quantum theory just a mathematical tool for correct predictions, according to Heisenberg's views? What are his personal ontological commitments in relation to quantum theory (if he had any ...
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How did Heisenberg build the P Q matrix terms?

I learnt in some Wikipedia articles that the terms of the P and Q matrices designed by Heisenberg were composed of Fourier coefficients. Could you provide some explanation on how these coefficients ...
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Heisenberg's last work on a non-linear generalization of quantum mechanics?

It is claimed here that toward the end of his life Werner Heisenberg worked on a non-linear broadening or generalization of quantum mechanics. What work was that? Was it published? Is it listed in ...
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Heisenberg's Obituary to Pauli

In an interview of Heisenberg by Thomas Kuhn: When Pauli had died, I was asked to write this memorial volume. Weisskopf had asked me. Then, actually, originally I had written an article on Pauli's ...
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Did Heisenberg ever accept Schrödinger's formulation of quantum mechanics, or at least did he relax his negative views about it?

Both Heisenberg and Schrödinger found each other's way of formulating Quantum Mechanics quite repellent. My question is: Did any of the two change their views towards each other (specially Heisenberg)...
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Did Heisenberg defend that Germany should rule Europe?

The following has been attributed to the German physicist Werner Heisenberg: History legitimizes Germany to rule Europe and later the world. Only a nation that rules ruthlessly can maintain itself. ...
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English translation of Heisenberg's papers

Strangely, many of Heisenberg's very important scientific papers are not translated into English. For example, this one seems not to have been translated. Where can I get the translated ones?
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