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When was the first time the number 0 came to mean a multiple of ten? [closed]

The earliest number notation I can find is the sexagesimal digit notation of cuneiform. From my understanding of that, in order to make numbers bigger than 60, you would just add the smaller numbers ...
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Is it possible to narrow down possible dates for the following eclipse pattern?

I am searching for an year which satisfies the following criteria. Dates are in Gregorian calendar. Criteria Year range 3800 BC to 500 BC Solar Eclipse of any kind between October 14 and October 22 ...
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Why were extremely accurate sundials necessary in India?

I'm thinking specifically of the Jantar Mantar sundial in Jaipur, India, the Samrat Yantra. It is apparently accurate to within 2 seconds, and was built around 1740. What would such an accurate ...
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What is the reason behind the decline of Indian Physics?

As in what were the main factors, personalities, policies, etc involved in its decline during the $16^{th}$ century to the present day?
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Was metallurgy of Zinc first started in India?

I have heard many people talk about this, is there any proof available?
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Why did India miss the Great Revolution in Maths and Science?

UPDATE: I've updated the title of the question from Why did India lag behind in discovering Maths and Science? to ...
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What were the cultural attitudes of Indian proto-scientists to findings versus recognition; and knowledge as private property; between 1526 and 1949?

Elsewhere it has been suggested that, between 1526 and 1949, that Indian proto-scientists "were more interested in sharing knowledge with the rest of the world," than in knowledge as private property, ...
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