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Who coined the term "signal-to-noise ratio" and when did statisticians start using the term "noise" to describe randomness?

I'm writing about the history of the concept of noise and am having trouble tracking down references from when the term "noise" started being associated with statistical noise such as ...
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Bit as eighth of dollar vs Shannon's Binary Digit? does not mention the common usage of bit being an eighth of a dollar -- surely Shannon was inspired by this? This question was asked in 2019 in English ...
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What contributions from Glavieux & Thitimajshima were "merged" into Claude Berrou's now-famous 1993 talk "Near Shannon limit error-correcting coding"?

At 01:15:13 in the delightful video The Bit Player | Claude Shannon | Father of Information Theory | IEEE Information Theory Society Andrea Goldsmith recounts ...
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Pre-20th century sources on information theory?

What are some pre-19th or pre-20th century sources on information theory? Do they exist?
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Why was the 'differential entropy' from information theory so named?

The entropy of a distribution $p$ on a discrete set $\mathcal{X}$ is defined as $$H(p) = -\sum_{x \in \mathcal{X}} p_x \log p_x.$$ Shannon in his classic paper [1] defines the analogue for continuous ...
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Why doesn't Morse code try to achieve more compression?

I was working on the Morse code Wikipedia article , when I noticed something strange. There might be a reason, but I can't find it. As you can see, the code symbol ...
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