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What contributions from Glavieux & Thitimajshima were "merged" into Claude Berrou's now-famous 1993 talk "Near Shannon limit error-correcting coding"?

At 01:15:13 in the delightful video The Bit Player | Claude Shannon | Father of Information Theory | IEEE Information Theory Society Andrea Goldsmith recounts ...
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Pre-20th century sources on information theory?

What are some pre-19th or pre-20th century sources on information theory? Do they exist?
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Why was the 'differential entropy' from information theory so named?

The entropy of a distribution $p$ on a discrete set $\mathcal{X}$ is defined as $$H(p) = -\sum_{x \in \mathcal{X}} p_x \log p_x.$$ Shannon in his classic paper [1] defines the analogue for continuous ...
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Why doesn't Morse code try to achieve more compression?

I was working on the Morse code Wikipedia article , when I noticed something strange. There might be a reason, but I can't find it. As you can see, the code symbol ...
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