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Leopold Kronecker (1823-1891) was a German mathematician who worked on number theory, algebra and logic.

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Did Kronecker say that set theory is not mathematics?

I have frequently come across Kronecker's statement about set theory: I don't know what predominates in Cantor's theory - philosophy or theology, but I am sure that there is no mathematics there. It ...
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Kronecker vs Cantor — who won?

Now set theory is taught even to kids and it is the foundation of mathematics. Can we say that Cantor won?
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Why was Kronecker dissatisfied with Cantor's submitted paper?

It is said here that In 1874 Cantor published an article in Crelle's Journal which marks the birth of set theory. A follow-up paper was submitted by Cantor to Crelle's Journal in 1878 but already set ...
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Did Kronecker attribute immutable origin to the integers?

The familiar quote is often incorrectly attributed to Kronecker directly. Actually a colleague of his named Weber claimed after Kronecker's death that Kronecker said this. I have doubts about this ...
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Why did Kronecker develop the "adjoining a root" construction?

Kronecker is generally credited with the formalization of "adjoining a root to $f(x)=0$". Nowadays it is interpreted as the quotient $K[x]/(f)$, where $K$ is some appropriate algebraic structure in a ...
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Historical background with Weber and Kronecker's Jugendtraum I searched above link, and I was so interested about this post. Today, I have a question about ...
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History of Kronecker's Divisorentheorie

I saw André Weil's Weil divisor. So I became curious about the history of the divisor. However, when I searched the history of divisor, I found that Leopold Kronecker announced the beginning of the ...
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