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How come there is no portrait of Legendre?

Besides the famous cartoon, of course, there seems to be no portrait of Legendre. Legendre is well regarded nowadays and he was also quite influential at his time, for example, Jacobi and Abel praised ...
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How does Legendre transformation in classical mechanics relate to Adrien-Marie Legendre?

I tried to look for the history of Legendre transformation, which transformed Lagrangian mechanics to Hamiltonian mechanics, usually formulated as $$ \begin{cases} p_i = \frac{\partial L}{\partial v_i}...
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What are the names of parents of Adrien-Marie Legendre, and their dates of birth and death?

What are the full names and dates of birth and of death of the parents of Adrien-Marie Legendre? I couldn't find this information anywhere online. Not even their names. Thank you.
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When and where was Legendre's Conjecture first published?

When and where did Legendre first publish or write about his conjecture that there is a prime between consecutive square numbers? $$n^2 < p < (n+1)^2$$ I have looked through edition 1 and 2 of ...
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Legendre's original text on elliptic functions

Raymond Ayoub quoted Legendre in his paper on the early history of elliptic functions(The Lemniscate and Fagnano's Contributions to Elliptic Integrals,1984): ...lucky events which do not arise ...
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