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How does Legendre transformation in classical mechanics relate to Adrien-Marie Legendre?

I tried to look for the history of Legendre transformation, which transformed Lagrangian mechanics to Hamiltonian mechanics, usually formulated as $$ \begin{cases} p_i = \frac{\partial L}{\partial v_i}...
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When and where was Legendre's Conjecture first published?

When and where did Legendre first publish or write about his conjecture that there is a prime between consecutive square numbers? $$n^2 < p < (n+1)^2$$ I have looked through edition 1 and 2 of ...
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Legendre's original text on elliptic functions

Raymond Ayoub quoted Legendre in his paper on the early history of elliptic functions(The Lemniscate and Fagnano's Contributions to Elliptic Integrals,1984): ...lucky events which do not arise ...
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What are the names of parents of Adrien-Marie Legendre, and their dates of birth and death?

What are the full names and dates of birth and of death of the parents of Adrien-Marie Legendre? I couldn't find this information anywhere online. Not even their names. Thank you.
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