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What type of abrasive grit was used to grind lenses for telescopes?

Today the standard for fine grit is Alumina and Cerium Oxide. However, in the 1600s, the elements Al and Ce were not known. What type of fine grit did they use to grind and polish the lenses for ...
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How did MMPDS Develop Their Coordinate System for Metals?

How was the L, LT, ST coordinate system for Metals developed and adopted? I am talking with some colleagues about comparing metallic and non-metallic materials. Obviously, "apples-to-apples" ...
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What is the explanation of rope's strength in Galileo's Two New Sciences?

I'm reading Galileo's Two New Sciences. But as other Scientific Book it is hard. I am having trouble in First day, where SIMPLICO asks this question(Page 7): "But how can one make a rope one ...
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Who discovered anisotropic materials, and what were they studying?

Thinking of properties of materials, who discovered anisotropy and what materials were they studying? I had read a claim that the first recorded experiments to study anisotropy are those by Duhamel ...
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When was double-paned glass first invented and used for insulation?

Double-paned glass windows have a hollow space between two panes of glass, usually just filled with air. This can make a much better insulator than normal glass, according to Engineering Toolbox. I ...
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How did crude oil pipelines work before WW2?

Before World War Two, how did pipelines work for crude oil? What kind of metal or plastic were they made out of? What kind of sensors and monitoring did they need? Did they have "pigs" that travel up ...
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When did people notice the special shapes of snowflakes, and when did they start to study them?

What was the first written account about snowflake shapes and when did physicists start to study the reasons why the form appears and how snowflakes form in the air? Is there any old book that ...
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Was metallurgy of Zinc first started in India?

I have heard many people talk about this, is there any proof available?
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Early history of the phase concept in the physical sciences

One of the first distinctions encountered in science education is that substances can assume different states of matter: for example, water can be found as a liquid, as a solid (ice), or as a gas (...
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To what degree did ancient Egyptians use Cement Chemistry

From a young age I have been taught that the stones used to create the great pyramids were mined. Concrete and cements were largely invented by the Romans/Greeks especially for use as mortar. More ...
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