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Cauchy Integral Formula who opened? [closed]

Cauchy Integral Formula who actually proved it? The teacher asked the following task: who actually discovered this integral formula? need historical background, but it's not Cauchy! Help!
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Mathematical results that became known long after their authors passed away

Liouville published Galois' work a decade after the death of this singular mathematician. Are there other cases of results being rescued by the mathematical community long after their authors were ...
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Why is Dirac delta named after Dirac when the concept was already over two centuries old?

Please explain why the Dirac delta function was named after Dirac, who lived in the 20th century, and what was so special about it. I ask this because it is used in Green's function which pre-dated ...
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Examples of mathematical definitions motivated by engineering problems

I'm interested in the development of mathematical definitions for the sake of engineering, and what makes a particular definition better suited for a problem than another in any particular context. ...
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