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Nobel Prizes in Sciences are awarded every year to at the most three distinguished scientists in the fields of Chemistry, Physics and Physiology each. There are also separate Nobel Prizes for Literature, Economics and Peace.

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Why aren't Nobel nomination archives updated more often?

I am not sure if this question is on topic here but I will give it a try. According to the Nobel Nomination archive official website, nomination data cannot be "revealed until 50 years later"...
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Why did early pioneers in polio research not win a nobel?

If we consider the two early pioneers in the fight against the polio desease to be Dr Jonas Salk and Dr Albert Sabin, why then did they not win Nobel Prizes? Seems to me to be enough of a tremendous ...
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Do Nobel prizes tend to go to theorists or experimenters?

Obviously not all cases are such that a theory is presented without experiment, and then the necessary experiment is done separately by another person... But when this IS the situation, to whom does ...
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Why wasn't madam Wu awarded a Nobel Prize?

In landmark experiment in physics Wu discovered that Nature has a preference for right or left. It were the proposers of this asymmetry though who ran away with the the Nobel prize. Madam Wu wasn't ...
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List of Nobel laureates classified by majors

I have been looking for a list of Nobel laureates classified by their majors, e.g., electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, etc. Since some of them may have changed the major from master ...
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How is it possible that Pierre and Marie Curie's daughter Ève was so healthy?

I know that problems caused by radiation are pretty much random and unexpected at low levels of exposition but this randomness begins to be more probable when the exposition grows and this makes me ...
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Cosmic microwave background and "white dielectric"

Arno Allan Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson were awarded (one half of) the 1978 Nobel prize in Physics, "for their discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation", https://www....
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What did the Italian Nobel laureate Riccardo Giacconi think about the Multiverse hypothesis?

Riccardo Giacconi (1931-2018) was an Italian astrophysicist who was awarded with the Nobel prize in physics back in 2002 for his important contributions to astrophysics. Since he was an astrophysicist,...
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Nobel Prize for Applied Mathematics

There is no Nobel Prize for mathematics. However, have there been any Nobel Prizes for the use of applied mathematics to model the real world?
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For shared Nobel prizes, where does the medal go?

When a Nobel prize is awarded to multiple people, the prize money is split. But what about the actual medal - how do they determine who will keep and store it? Been reading through the pages on ...
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Why didn't John von Neumann win the Turing Award, Fields Medal or Nobel Prize?

From what I've read in Wikipedia, John von Neumann made a stupendous number of contributions to economics, computer science and mathematics. Why, then, didn't he receive a top award in any of these ...
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What work did Hideki Yukawa do during the Second World War?

Yukawa received a Nobel Prize in 1949 for predicting the pi meson but while in Japan he published his theory which explained the interaction between protons and neutrons in 1935. What work did he do ...
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Why were the Nobel Prize in Physics not awarded in 1916, 1931, 1934, 1940, 1941, and 1942?

I only found the following at the Nobel Prize webpage: Why were the Nobel Prizes not awarded in those years? In the statutes of the Nobel Foundation it says: "If none of the works under ...
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Why didn't Einstein win a second Nobel Prize, for relativity?

Einstein's failure to win a Nobel until 1921, and that prize's not being awarded for his work on relativity, is generally ascribed to these factors: Lack of sufficient experimental proof for the ...
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Who discovered quanta first, Planck or Einstein? [duplicate]

Planck's 1918 Nobel Prize was awarded in recognition of the services he rendered to the advancement of Physics by his discovery of energy quanta in 1900. However, why do I sometimes see Einstein ...
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Why didn't Einstein's Nobel Prize mention relativity theory?

It seems Einstein's most original contribution to physics was General Relativity Theory, as Lorentz and Poincaré already laid the foundations of Special Relativity. So, why didn't his 1921 Nobel Prize ...
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Nobel Prize work derived from Manhattan Project research?

There are quite a few Nobel Prize winners (e.g. Physics) who worked on the Manhattan project in the development of the atomic bomb. But, did any Nobel Prize result from direct research performed on ...
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Which German scientists had their Nobel Prizes seized during World War II?

George de Hevesy famously dissolved the Nobel Prizes of Max von Laue and James Franck during the German invasion of Denmark. The Nazis had prohibited any German scientist from receiving or keeping a ...
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What are some of the most important scientific works done that have not received a Nobel prize? [closed]

Many of the 'famous' papers in the scientific community have resulted in Nobel prizes, but certainly that represents only a small fraction of notably important papers throughout scientific history. ...
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Did Alfred Nobel collect his wealth by selling dynamite?

At the start of my chemistry course, my professor told a story: He said that Alfred Nobel invented dynamite (which is true) and he accumulated his wealth by selling it to both parties A and B (...
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When did the Fields Medal get considered as the Nobel for math? [closed]

Until the Abel prize came along, the Fields medals were considered to be the Nobel for math. But when did this tradition of calling it the Nobel for math start and why? Because the prize money is ...
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Why isn't there a Nobel prize in Mathematics?

While I have heard speculative answers to this question, I do not know one which can be supported. Is there any information explaining why Nobel did not chose to include this topic? Has there even ...
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